Personal Finance Management

Empower fintech to launch Personal Finance Management (PFM) features at a lower cost and faster than internally developing it

What We Offer

  • Statement Parsing: Our APIs include the statement parsing ability whereby your user doesn't need to input the transactions manually.

  • Automated categorization: Our machine-learning model will automatically categorize the transactions.

  • Consolidated Spending Insights: Through our proprietary data setup, the user spending will be displayed in a proper structure.

  • Customer Data Segmentation: Our customer data platform module includes a setup that allows you to analyze big data related to your users.


Personal Finance Management Features

Our solution provides a comprehensive and seamless integration of Personal Finance Management (PFM) features into your app, powered by Finorytech. The solution utilizes a combination of APIs, an embedded page, and a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your users.


API - We have a list of personal finance management APIs that you can easily call and develop the features.

Embeddable Page - Easily allow PFM features for your users by embedding the PFM page into your app.

While Label - Utilize our team's expertise to develop a personal financial management app that meets your specific needs and requirements.

What are the data source supported?

Frequently Asked Question

Since there is no Open Banking yet, so we currently depending on bank statement, credit card statement and eWallet statements as data source.

How fast does the analysing process take?

Our AI completes the analyzing process, roughly taking 3-5 minutes.

What features we can develop using the API?

Our PFM features includes credit card manager, spending analytic, recurring expenses, cashback tracker and more.