Bank Statement Analyzer

Bank statement analysis API can help you understand your customer financial snapshot in minutes.

The Problems

  • Manual Work: Verifying financial information such as bank balance and income from bank statements is tedious and time-consuming.

  • Hard To Scale: The more applications you receive, you will need to hire more people to process those applications.

  • Lack of Data: When humans analyse the bank statement, the data outcome is limited.


AI-Powered Bank Statement Analyzer API

A bank statement analyzer evaluates the financial stability and creditworthiness of potential borrowers by analyzing their bank statements. It helps lenders make informed decisions regarding loan approvals and interest rates, streamlining the loan application process and providing insights into the borrower's financial habits and patterns.

What are the bank supported?

Frequently Asked Question

We support bank statements across banks in Malaysia. Besides bank statements, we also support credit card statements and eWallet statements.

How fast does the analysing process take?

Our AI completes the analyzing process, roughly taking 3-5 minutes.

What data can we get from the BSA?

From BSA,you will be getting income verification, affordability assessment, financial credibility and document fraud detection data.